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A talented filmmaker finally shows off his worth! James Kilby, knows as Quay Cornwall, has been quietly building up a stunning showreel since his early days, producing beautiful wedding videos in Cornwall.  

It’s difficult to determine what you want to be when you grow up. Most of the guys in my year wanted to become footballers, others wanted to become famous musicians or actors, but not many stuck to it. Don’t get me wrong, I was the same and to be honest, probably for the best I didn’t pursue that career as a belly dancer…(that’s a story for another time).


You don’t really realise what you want to do or become until you reach college. The days where your fashion sense is questionable and you begin to experience life outside of your comfort zone. Some people find out that the road they wanted to go down suddenly was closed due to roadworks, so had to turn around and take a different path. However, this wasn’t the case for James.

From an early age, James found a passion for Design and stuck to it, admitting he was drawn to it during school classes.

I’ve lways been dyslexic and was drawn to this becuase of my passoin for music and art and just generally creating visuals.

Finding a passion for something at such an early age can bring with a whole lifetime of excitement. The thoughts of this becoming something that could earn you money in the future is the dollar sign in every kid’s eyes. Taking to it like a fat kid to cake, Kilby found himself studying Design at Truro Penwith College.


Although completing the course, Kilby took a year out after college, admitting that he wasn’t quite ready for university. Many people would take a gap year out to explore the world, travelling to places like Vietnam or other areas of South East Asia. James however, took a different approach. Whilst others were putting on their dancing shoes at their first uni party, James was looking for the latest tutorial to help him master the new editing software he just bought. (cough Downloaded illegally cough). No matter how he did or did not purchase his programmes, Kilby began to self-teach himself all he knows, building up a unique style that no one could copy.

After building up his creative knowledge, Kilby used his time to study an additional art course to further his development.

I took a extra Art A-Level Course in a place that looked like Hogwarts. It was weird becuase it was the exact same things we did in college, so not sure it helped really…


After eventually committing 3 years at Bath University where he graduated with top marks,  he made his way back to St.Ives, landing a job in the local Co-op. What started out as a temp job to pay off the student loan bills, slowly turned into more as he began to fall into that small town trap, where you feel like you’re constantly battling work and personal life, leaving next to no room for focusing on what you really want to do. Kilby wasn’t afraid to admit this, referring to the ‘Dark’ point in his life that made him switch up.

There’s not a lot of opportunities down here, but there are many opportunities that you can make yourself. No one is going to give it to you on a plate.

This realisation flipped his whole perspective on this town and his job. Going from being down in the dumps without any clear path to producing up to three wedding videos in Cornwall per week and landing jobs for major brands like Chang Beer! His motivation to push through all the shit that was once stopping him has opened a door that he never knew was there. This is where Quay Cornwall was born.

Quay Cornwall offers a stunning showreel of wedding videos in Cornwall, each one unique in style and execution. The intimate, cinematic close-ups capture the sheer joy and excitement of the day and really bring out everything that we love in a wedding. Although still being new to the game, Quay is one to consider for any couples thinking of having their wedding videos in Cornwall. His determination and desire to stick to his guns and continue down his creative path shows that although you may feel like you’re stuck and going nowhere, you should always keep doing what you believe in because it can lead you to so many other opportunities that you didn’t know were there.

His knowledge of the local surroundings, as well as the unpredictable weather, give James all the tools to create a memorable, lovable wedding video that you would look back on and instantly fall in love with, check out his full portfolio here: Quay Wedding Videos

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