Exploring Dartmoor | Devon Woodland Walks

Dartmoor Woods

The Dartmoor woods and stunning Greenlands offer the perfect trip for families travelling down to Devon.

The temptation of seeing wild horses and exploring the untouched woods proved too much for Michaela and I. We decided that for our two year anniversary we would visit the untouched paradise.


We packed our bags with food, coffee and so Michaela could feed the horses, many many Apples. As we approached the Dartmoor woods, there was a loud pitch squeal from Michaela. I thought I’d run over an animal by mistake. After spotting the horses on the side of the road, we quickly popped over and grabbed the apples.

As you drive up to Dartmoor, you’ll notice a lot of horses along the side of the road. Although the temptation to feed them is there, it is advised not to feed them directly, as Michaela found out the hard way.


We reached Chagford, a small village near the outskirts of Dartmoor. We wanted to find the perfect spot to explore and take in the stunning surroundings. From Chagford, we ended up driving further into the Dartmoor woods, eventually reaching a quiet Fernworthy Reservoir just off the village of Corndon.

After driving close to 2.5 hours, we needed a big cup of Yallah coffee to re-charge. There’s a perfect picnic spot as soon as you arrive at Fernworthy Reservoir. It overlooks the peaceful river and woodland area. After a feeling fully refreshed, we start to walk into the Dartmoor woods.


You suddenly notice how untouched and beautiful the landscape is. Once you step into the woods it feels like a different world. The sleepy hollow vibes meet with the stunning light shining through the old trees.  Not many people were there when we went, as it was during the cold miserable month of November.

As you explore deeper into the Dartmoor woods, you start to run into those hiddle gems like these wild ponies.


The horses thrive throughout the moors. Even though the harsh winters where most of the vegetation is severely damaged by the weather, the moors itself provide the perfect grazing spot for all the wild ponies. Adapting to the surroundings, finding shelter, fresh green grass and water sources, the ponies thrive upon the Dartmoor woods and green land.

Approaching them too closely could cause harm to yourselves or the ponies. Feeding them is also out of the question, although we did take a few apples on our trip. You can find out all you need to know about the Dartmoor ponies over at the National Trust website.


If you’re thinking of visiting Dartmoor, make sure you make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Drive through the heart of Dartmoor and visit the stunning small villages. Unfortunately, you cannot sleep in your campervan anywhere on Dartmoor unless it’s at one of the many campsites.

If you’re thinking of camping in tents at campsites, then make sure you check with the campsite first to see if they’re open to grass pitches ( we didn’t and we paid the price). There’s also awesome locations for wild camping on the moors.

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