Exploring Dartmoor | Devon Woodland Walks

Dartmoor Woods

The Dartmoor woods and stunning Greenlands offer the perfect trip for families travelling down to Devon. The temptation of seeing wild horses and exploring the untouched woods proved too much for Michaela and I. We decided that for our two year anniversary we would visit the untouched paradise. We packed our bags with food, coffee and […]

Hiking up the West Tatra Mountains in Slovakia


I’ve visited the town of Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia, three times now and each time I’ve found it harder to leave.  Liptovský Mikuláš is situated in Northen Slovakia, around 28km from the capital, Bratislava. Surrounded by the Tatra Mountains, this small town is an absolute gem if you love the quiet, mountain lifestyle. Although tourism is high, […]

How to buy Motorcycles in Vietnam?

Before we even thought about booking our tickets to Vietnam, we started to plan about what we would do there. After watch Top Gear do it, one of my dreams would be to buy/rent a motorbike and take the long, breathtaking journey from South Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) to North (Hanoi). In a perfect world, […]

Are Vietnam night buses dangerous?


Think Twice! Stay Away from the night buses! These crop up everywhere when you search for night buses in Vietnam.  Yeah well, we felt the exact same before we travelled and had a clear plan not to go near them, that was until we accidentally went on one. Now by that, I didn’t mean we […]

Vietnam Travel Tips – Ho Chi Minh


Vietnam Travel Diary- 6 week travel story. Tickets booked, bags packed (badly) and Michaela’s pink fluffy eye mask is on her head, we made it to the start of our 6 weeks trip to Vietnam, were we planned buy bikes and travel form south to north in true Top Gear style. These weekly blog post’s will […]