Wedding Photographer
in Cornwall

A passionate wedding photographer in Cornwall, making the most of the breathtaking Cornish area and iconic venues.

A vibrant Wedding photographer st.ives, Cornwall

I love to capture the special (and ordinary) moments that you might forget over the years. My aim is to offer you a way to to relive your wedding day every time you look at the photographs; remember all moments, big, small, emotional & funny.

Being a wedding photographer in Cornwall is the best job in the world. Capturing stunning coastal backdrops, historical wedding venues and true happiness is very special for me.

Wedding photography has to work for you, your style and your day. It isn’t just about supplying the highest quality images with cheesy poses. It’s about capturing the happiness, the tears and those funny moments you’ll treasure.

It's all about storytelling...

My style isn’t the in your face with a camera and a flash. Instead, I like to be a part of the wedding. I like to chat with the couple, their families and friends and really get to experience it with them. Once you become a part of their special day, you really capture their emotions. You understand what matters most to them. Anyone can have the cliche posing wedding photo on a beach, trying to get the ‘money shot’.

But the photos that truly show your day are the ones where you capture those raw passionate moments which the couple don’t even know you’ve captured. The surprise when they view the collection of images is what being a wedding photographer in Cornwall and anywhere else it’s all about.